Paganini’s Bows! Soundbox

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Bows! Soundbox September 2006

Royal Academy of Music Museum

Peter Sheppard Skaerved discusses Paganinis rise through the Salons of Rome, and his bow choices.

Ingres' depiction of Paganini (Rome 1818)

Introduction-what bow did Paganini use? Leigh Hunt’s catalogue of Paganini’s bowing techniquesTourte and the lineage from ViottiPaganini sits for IngresSalons and Ferrules…Salon to stageA better choice than the ‘modern Tourte’?Suppleness and rigidityWhere is a bow designed to be held?Paganini and Strads

Simple silhouette of Paganini, apparently made during his last visit to the UK in 1834. Even this crude rendering gives a powerful idea of his unique posture.