Laurie Bamon

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Recording 'Here lies the Memory' 6-5-10

This year’s Nashville- London Exchange programme afforded me the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful young composer Laurie Bamon

The composer's hand. I am completely fascinated with the way composers relate to pen, to pencil, to paper. This scrap of manuscript is from a sketch that Laurie worked on in the course of a workshop in March of this year. It was the first time that I was able to work with here, and her concern for even this simplest of material, her understanding of how to inspire players to conjure with her ideas, her sonorities, convinced me that hers is a very special voice.

I am very pleased to say that there will be opportunities to hear Laurie’s exquisitely refined music on a number of up coming dates: 


Wilton’s Music Hall: Sunday 23rd May  Click here: Link

The British Museum: May 27th Click here: Link

St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield: June 2nd Click here: Link 


Listen: Here lies the memory (outtake) 

Sarah van der Ploeg, Zubin Kanga, Laurie Bamon, Alice Barron near Nashville. March 2010

Much, much more to follow…..